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Motivational Keynote Speaker | Corporate Trainer | Mastermind Facilitator | Trauma & Resilience Expert |

Khalilah Johnson is a Trauma and Resilience Expert; Keynote Motivational Speaker for Khalilah Johnson International ; International Best-Selling Author and C.E.O. of Redefined Unlimited an Executive Coaching & Consulting Firm for Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development. 

As an Intergenerational Trauma Survivor, from adolescence to early adulthood, she experienced multiple forms of abuse that caused paralyzing thought patterns and an unforeseen journey into motherhood as a teen that exposed repetitive generational cycles. 
Her own desperation for change led her to her purpose and she is now dedicated to helping others break free from the bondage of inherited generational thinking. 

She passionately teaches Natural Born Leaders, How to Regain Their Power, by Rediscovering Their Divine Identity, after Trauma. 

Her diverse skill-sets lend to her breakthrough results in Transformation and her personal experience of overcoming impossible odds. Khalilah is Certified by Florida State University as a Trauma & Resilience Professional , Trauma Support Specialist by Trauma Institute International, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by The Priority Academy and Inner Healing & Deliverance by Destiny Training Academy. 

Her signature,“UNDEFEATABLE YOU SYSTEM” offers proven, transformational breakdown strategies; that help women escape the cycles of emotional and mental turmoil of past experiences and negative family impact, to renew their mindset, own their identity, stand firm in their value, strength, and live their legacy. 

Khalilah, has taken her servant leadership, coaching expertise, into consulting services to help women design and live the life of freedom they deserve. 
As a Certified Business Consultant & Corporate Trainer her expertise also includes Neuro Linguistic Programming (associate) Practitioner , Digital Marketing Pro, and E-commerce Specialist. She helps her clients develop and implement strategies to redesign their lives to produce generational impact. 

As a Corporate Trainer she offers practical steps to help organizational leaders create Trauma Informed workplaces and employees reduce stress from burnout , secondary & primary trauma and compassion fatigue . Her training includes didactic information, experiential processing, and transformative techniques that assists leaders and employees in resolving symptoms of compassion fatigue while, at once, developing resiliency skills and practices that prevent symptoms in the future. 

Khalilah is a survivor who knows how to sell others on themselves. From unpacking the past to impacting the future; Khalilah is a master at harnessing the mental momentum it takes to turn resistance into resilience. 

She is bold and brave when encouraging others to investigate family history to identify and confront dysfunctional patterns. 

Khalilah gives tools and action steps to continue the conversation and prepare the next generation for healing and wholeness with strength and established boundaries. 
A popular speaker with a huge following, Khalilah is known for empowering others to transform into the best version of themselves and leave a lasting legacy of being invincible. Her vision is to lead others through forgiveness, repentance, and to become people who change the world.




Powerful Speaker!

We brought Khalilah Johnson to speak at our conference and she was amazing! She had the audience engaged and attentive. I highly recommend you seek her out.

Daniel Gomez Award-Wining Keynote Speaker and Event Planner


Amazing, Passsionate, Insightful

Khalilah is an amazing, passionate, insightful speaker. She spoke for our Toastmasters event and wow-ed the group with her story. Her delivery is energetic and keep us leaning in to where she was going next. She really empowered our group to press forward no matter how big the challenges seemed.

Loved watching her in action.

Robert Kennedy Jr. iii, CEO at Kennetik Kommunications

Khalilah Johnson Motivational Keynote Sp

Absolutely POWERFUL!

The chains you rattled and broke yesterday will alter the course of lives for GENERATIONS to come by your telling of the truth from a place of light and wholeness...With every single word, someone's life changed...Absolutely POWERFUL!

C. E. Gabriel, LCSW


Relevant, Engaging, and Compassionate Group Facilitator

Mrs. Khalilah Johnson facilitated several groups with my clientele who are parenting or pregnant young adults in the foster care or juvenile justice system. The youth felt heard, respected, supported, and enlightened about future opportunities. They felt significant and that their voice was vital in our society. I highly recommend the services of Mrs. Khalilah Johnson.

Gary Jones, Jr, Ph.D., MSW, LMSW