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Your Closer Than You Think To Your Breakthrough!

Your journey towards a better way of life begins today. Whether you’re looking for a speaker for your EPIC Event, leadership development or an Executive Coach, Khalilah Johnson International will provide exceptional results.

If you are a Business, Academic Institution, or Faith Based Community looking to take your Company, Students, or Members to Extraordinary Levels, Khaliliah is the Speaker for You.  Through her high energy and Transformational Presentations She will Challenge Your Audience to Live Beyond Limiting Mindsets, Rise Above Their Circumstances, Break Generational Barriers &  Live Victoriuosly!

Don’t Just Pursue Greatness Unlock the Greatness Already Within! 



Unpack 2 Impact!

As an experienced and esteemed public speaker, Khalilah Johnson International aims to deliver education, inspiration and entertainment to a variety of audiences. They strive to make every event a memorable experience, placing a large emphasis on delivering actionable content. Get ready to be inspired in an authentic way that leaves you ready to conquer your goals. 

Khalilah Johnson is a Trauma and Transformational Expert; Keynote Motivational Speaker for Khalilah Johnson International ; International Best-Selling Author and C.E.O. of Redefined Unlimited a Coaching & Consulting Firm for Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development.

As an Intergenerational Trauma Survivor from adolescence to early adulthood, she experienced multiple forms of abuse that caused paralyzing thought patterns and an unforeseen journey into motherhood as a teen that exposed repetitive generational cycles.

Her own desperation for change led her to her purpose and she is now dedicated to helping others break free from the bondage of inherited. generational thinking.



Let Khalilah Johnson help you deliver great content that will have attendees ready to take action. They will generate impactful buzz with a talk that will be completely customized for you and your audience. Many people are natural born leaders but are so often groomed in fear.  Whether one on one coaching or online training our 'Undefeatable You System' specializes in self-development, self-discovery and trauma recovery. With proven strategies in mindset & transformation we help those exchange a survivor mentality for developing legacy.


Khalilah Johnson is a talented and skilled Business Speaker who knows how to get a crowd inspired. With a focus on facing challenges while identifying opportunities, your audience will be fully engaged throughout.


Khalilah Johnson's purpose in life is
to make an impact on the lives of those who’ve suffered from cycles of
generational dysfunction, abuse and trauma. She works diligently to
continue providing transformational trainings, inspirational and
thought-provoking media. Her goal is to encourage wholeness and prosperity,
empowering the development of Generational Wealth Mindsets.


Khalilah Johnson helps bridge the gap between employer and employee relations. Her program creates healthy thriving communities that increase in morale, productivity, team work and revenue. Topics include cultural diversity , compassion fatigue, conflict resolution and more. One engagement brings undeniable and recognizable transformation.



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Finding Your Inner Beauty Women's Conference
Norris Conference Centers - San Antonio
Norris Conference Centers - San Antonio, 618 Northwest Loop 410 STE 207, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA
“Finding Your Inner Beauty Women's Conference” 2020 🎀 I am so excited! The event will take place in four more weeks. It is truly going to be an amazing event you don’t want to miss!😊 The Mari Strong Foundation is bringing the “Finding Your Inner Beauty Women’s Conference” to San Antonio, Texas

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